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So last time we looked at the benefits of Leafree™ gutter protection. I'm going to take a step backwards this week and share some interesting tips on how to decide whether or not you need to replace your water drainage system. Now the picture is a little extreme :) but here are 11 signs you may need to replace your gutters:

1. Water is leaking into your basement. Clogged, damaged, or worn gutters are main reasons for basement leaks.

2. Mold in your basement. Leaky gutters create moisture in your basement, which leads to mold growth.

3. Problems with your home’s foundation. Gutters that are clogged or leaking water towards your foundation instead of directing water away from it could cause cracks in your foundation.

4. Standing water in your gutters. This is a sure sign of non-performing gutters.

5. Gutters are sagging, pulling away from your home, hanging down or leaning more towards the front instead of being level, or seamed gutters are loose or pulling apart at the seams and are too worn to be reattached.

6. Your gutters are bent, dented, or have holes or cracks in them beyond repair. Gutters are not draining properly. Look for these two telltale signs: When it’s raining, listen to how the rain is flowing out of your gutters.

7. If you can hear water smacking to the ground, that means the water is pouring over the sides of the gutter. This could be a result of misaligned gutters or a gutter blockage.

8. Puddles of water forming around your home after it rains or mold growing around your home’s foundation or façade.

9. The paint on your home is peeling, wood is corroding in areas behind the gutter, or you’re seeing rust stains on your home. This is caused by gutter water backsplashing or overflowing and running down the back of the gutter along the exterior of your home. Your gutters could be worn, misaligned or clogged.

10. Your gutters have rusted.

11. You can see gaps either between gutter connections or between the gutters and the fascia boards to which they are attached, or you’re finding nails or broken fasteners on the ground, which have fallen from loose gutters.

If any of these have jumped out at you and you're thinking you may need to replace your water drainage system, give Mike or Tyler a call at 262-626-8000! Be sure to ask about Leafree™ gutter protection as well! Click here to learn more!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Enjoy the thawing temperatures this week Wisco!


Everyone here at Best Choice Siding! source:roofingannex

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